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Licensing Guidelines

To ensure that the content uploaded to SciDraw is free for anyone to use, drawings are uploaded under the the Creative Commons 4.0 license (CC-BY). By licensing your drawings under CC-BY you agree to make your work publicly available, with the requirements that others should give you credit, in the form of a citation, should they use or refer to your work. The lincense lets others download, use, modify and distribute your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for your original creation.
This means that SciDraw's drawings can be used freely for scientific talks, posters, grant proposal etc. as long as proper credit is given. We are working towards ensuring that all drawings are given a DOI to facilitate referencing of the artworks on the website.

When uploading drawings to SciDraw it is the users' responsibility to ensure that they have the right to share the content. This includes having the permission of all authors of the drawing and anyone else that may have copyright over the artwork. If the drawing was used in publications on scientific journal, this may include having the journal's premission to upload the drawing.
Some journals (including eLife, PLOS and PeerJ) publish their content under the same Creative Commons license as Scidraw thus facilitating the sharing of content. Others may have more restrictive licenses, in that case it might be necessary to obtain explicit permission by the Journal before sharing the content. However, if an article is published as Gold Open Access (as is the case for any work funded by Wellcome Trust for instance), then the article's content will be under Creative Commons too.